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CrossFlip is a 1.5 hour class focused on constantly varied, high-intensity tumbling. This class will incorporate strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, coordination, power, and discipline. Our goal is to build confidence through achievement, build consistent and fluent skills, and assist in developing a good sense of body awareness with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.



Class Description:


Warm Up- aerobic exercise, calisthenics (body weight exercises), coordination challenges, stretching


Power Tumbling- A constant flow of movement to practice and progress into more difficult skills by perfecting skills already acquired. Athletes will be given a combination of pre-achieved standing or running tumbling skills to perform in a variety of different ways.


Power Jumping- All athletes will take part in our “Around the World” conditioning drill which consists of elite jumps followed by a tumble skill connection.


Cool Down- Intense stretching with an Emphasis on alignment of postures, flexibility, and breathing


** Due to the intensity of this class we HIGHLY recommend not participating on a regularly scheduled practice day**