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Level Training—We were very pleased with our new level training procedure. As with anything however there is always room for improvement. Although the process will be slightly different this season we will be implementing Level Training for all of our athletes after our evaluations in May 2016. We will form base teams after Spring Evals and begin Level Training with each team. We will not announce team levels until later in the summer because we wanted to give all athletes a chance to not only show us their progression throughout the months but we also wanted to see skills being thrown on a consistent basis. No placement is ever set in stone and the opportunity to advance is always upon us. We believe that when the majority of the athletes are placed on a team true to level, it allows for a bigger chance of success. We have been competitive on the national circuit for years but we are always looking to improve our teams and our brand.  We are forever learning and evolving as a program and level training is definitely a positive step forward into the future.