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It is your TIME to SHINE!!!  WILD has the camp for you.  We have Pre-Camps, Choreography Camps, and Build Your Own Camp!  We can tailor your camp to fit your needs so that your squad gets everything they deserve at camp!  Sign Up NOW!

Stunt Camp
Our highly trained staff can take the stress off you and prepare your squad to do everything from stunting basics to highly advanced tricks. You can customize your stunt camp based on your squads’ current abilities and your needs during game days and pep rallies. Want your stunts to look even better or become more advanced? Sign your team up for weekly squad lessons where they will get continued training and attention to detail to make them really SHINE!

Tumbling Camp
Look great flipping across the gym floor, competition floor, or sidelines! Our staff knows how to get your kids tumbling – whether they are working on a simple back handspring or more advanced twisting skills. We use progressions combined with drills, spotting, and independent work stations to make sure your athletes get the safest, most effective training around.

Dance Camp
If you need creative choreography and great dance moves, we are your coaches! WILD has some of the best choreographers in the country on staff that will make every second of your dance routine count.

Game Day Prep
We all know people don’t watch the games 100% of the time. So you need your squads’ jumps, motions, and crowd skills to be on point! This essential camp will help your team with those all-important motions, but can also help them perfect their fight song routine, clean up their sideline cheers and chants, and learn how to lead the crowd!

**Custom music is an additional fee.

Build Your Own Camp

Our revamped and amped up camps are now designed so you can get exactly what you need for the price you want! We make it easy for you to crunch those numbers and get the most for your money! Our “menu of services” allows you to pick the things you feel are most important along with the amount of time you will get for each item. We have made it easier than ordering food at your favorite restaurant. Each Day of Camp will begin with 1 hour of warm up and motion and jump technique

Menu of Items:
Sidelines (Set of 5) – 1 hour
Sideline Incorp after sidelines are learned – 30 minutes
Cheer with Incorp – 1 hour
Fight Song with Incorp – 2 hours
Dance (6-8 Counts) – 2 hours
Cheer – 30 minutes
Stunt – 1 hour
Pyramid – 1 hour
Basket – 1 hour
Tumbling – 1 hour
Additional Jumps and motions – 1 hour
Learning the Game (including game trivia sheets) – 30 minutes Rock Around The Clock
2 Day Camp = 12 hours
3 Day Camp = 18 hours
4 Day Camp = 24 hours.
*Camps include 1 hour for lunch and breaks each day

Winter Camps

Tired of learning basketball cheers in June, when your season starts in October? WILD is now offering winter camps just for you! Whether your sport is cheering basketball games or wrestling matches, Premier is ready to customize a winter camp to fit your squad’s needs.

  • Receive instruction by our highly educated and certified instructors
  • Train inside one of our state of the art facilities
  • Customize your camp to fit your squad’s personal needs
  • Competition clean-up
  • Basketball cheers & chants
  • Wrestling cheers & mat chants
  • Incorporate half-time cheers including stunting, baskets, signs/poms, and/or tumbling
  • Receive insight to industry changes
  • Make sure you competition routine is free of legalities
  • Custom choreography

Benefits of Winter Camps
• Learn your material during you cheer season
• No more worrying about learning your material in the summer, and forgetting it by the time your season rolls around
• Dances, cheers, and incorporated material will be fresh and new
• Gives winter teams that have try-outs after the summer a camp to attend
The squads that train at WILD have WON numerous Regional, State, and National titles. With our help, your squad could be next!